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working or occurring in conjunction with each other

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Our passion is helping people who enjoy being active overcome physical impairments and live fulfilled lives without losing time to pain or injury.

Tandem Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated physical therapy clinic in Metairie specializing in the restoration of function and mobility.  We use a skillful “hands on” approach as the cornerstone of our practice and incorporate specialized exercises to fix painful, abnormal movements.  We are fully dedicated to understanding your concerns and aligning our treatments to match your goals.

We know what it takes to get you better.  


Our years of experience have shown us what it takes to get a successful outcome.  Our physical therapy model offers the highest quality of care available.  This means more time with your physical therapist providing interventions to get you where you want to be faster.    

We also believe in time spent to help you understand what is causing your problem and what needs to happen to fix it.  We use technology, models, books and illustrations to help you visualize what tissues are affected and why.  You will feel a better sense of understanding and control after each treatment while working one on one with your therapist.  

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