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Frustrated with Back Pain?

3 Tips to Ease Back Pain and Stiffness

Is back pain preventing you from sitting or standing for long lengths of time?

Are you concerned about staying active and independent without shots, painkillers or risking surgery? 

Do you feel stuck or hopeless because you want to exercise, but it hurts every time you stand or start to walk?

If so, this guide is for you! 

In this guide, you will get tips on common causes of back pain, exercises to improve your core strength and improve flexibility.  In addition to this, you will get great tips to improve your posture and lifting form to help prevent injury! 

3 Tips to Ease Back Pain and Stiffness
Physical therapist's message for back pain relief

A Personal Message from Christy Shea, DPT:

THIS REPORT is for the person searching for a solution to their back pain, who wants to avoid surgery and is NOT interested in pain killers or injections. It’s for someone who is tired of “just dealing with” their back pain and is looking for something to help their pain go away for good!

I specialize in treating people ages 40-60, who are active and want to STAY active and healthy for many years to come. In the time I have been treating, I have worked with so many people that have suffered needlessly with back pain for YEARS prior to getting the help and relief they needed.

A question I will typically ask my patients is “How long has this problem been going on?” and as you can imagine, many stories begin the same way. “Well, my back has been hurting on and off for a few years now. It hurts after I lift something or do too much in the garden, or after standing or sitting for too long. Usually it bothers me for a bit until I rest and take medication, but it goes away a few days later.  Now, however, I am having pain on most days and I can’t do anything to get relief.” 

Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar. What started off as a simple annoyance has now progressed to an everyday issue that is far more complex, with a fear that this time it may never go away. Keeping this frequent occurrence in mind, I’ve written this report with my top 3 tips to help ease and manage back pain for those suffering but are unsure what to do about it or where to begin.

Now, I don’t know you yet nor am I aware of your specific back condition, so I can’t promise what has worked for most of my patients and clients will work for you. However, reading this report will be better than spending another day resting and hoping that tomorrow is the day it magically goes away for good.

If your back pain is affecting your job, your ability to stay active, threatens your quality of life or hinders time with your family, this report is for you.

If you’re not sure, I would like for you to imagine what life will be like in 5 years if your back pain goes unaddressed. Will you be as active as you are now? Will you be able to take that trip you’re planning? Will you be able to continue to work for as long as you would like? Are you in constant pain and discomfort? How does missing out change your life and affect your mental health?

Getting the report is easy. Click the link below and confirm your details OR give us a call at (504) 407-3477.

There are a limited number of free copies available – don’t wait!​

Back Pain Workshop

workshopback2 (2).JPG

Learn more about what could be causing your back pain and what can be done to help and prevent further injury, without pain medications or "just dealing with it".

Limited Spots Available!

What are other people saying about Tandem PT?

"I am 60 years old, very active and was having trouble picking up my grandbaby. Lauren provided hands on care to identify the source of my pain and guided me with exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back. I am happy to say I can easily pick up my grandbaby."

"I was experiencing lower back pain. It started about a year or so ago. At first it was occasional for a short time, (a day or two) then it would go away. Then it was more often and continued for a longer time. When I decided to go to Tandem Physical Therapy it was because the pain would not go away. It was causing me to not be able to do my routine workout."

"Four weeks of therapy with Lauren and I am back to my routine workouts without pain and not suffering with daily pain I had before.
Physical therapy works!!"

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