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Why You Should Choose PT First

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Our Doctors of Physical Therapy go to school for seven years to learn all about mechanical pathologies of the body. They can treat everything from common sports injuries, such as sprains and strains, to low back pain and much, much more.  Rest assured, if we detect anything that requires further medical evaluation, we will make sure  you get to the right person.    


Physical therapists are often more readily accessible than other healthcare disciplines and have extensive training in screening for serious injuries.  This makes them the best option for being the initial provider after you sustain an injury.  This could be anything from twisting your ankle, to hurting your back after bending over, to waking up with a stiff neck, or pulling a muscle while jogging - just to name a few.  

Imagine what it would be like to have your problem assessed the same day it started and be able to immediately begin the healing process.  This would eliminate a massive amount of wasted time hoping it will eventually get better on its own (and coming to the realization months later that it’s not)!   


Don’t wait days or weeks to get an appointment!  What could have been a simple fix early on can evolve into a full blown disability without swift action.  

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