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Where Does It Hurt?

Want help with a certa

Don't see your condition listed?  We treat a variety of conditions including:


General Orthopedic

sprains / strains / tendinitis / arthritis / rotator cuff dysfunction / plantar fasciitis / joint replacements /

post-surgical rehabilitation / and more



disc herniations / “pinched” nerves / sciatica / sacroiliac / stenosis / headaches /

postural abnormalities / and more


Specialty Areas

Women’s health:

incontinence / pregnancy related pain / and more


vertigo / post-concussion / balance / fall prevention / and more

evaluation, diagnostic, help

Each session with your therapist will include a "hands on" portion followed by movement retraining and coaching.  You will find that each treatment builds from the previous one and progress is constantly monitored. Between treatments you will be responsible for maintaining gains by adhering to a personalized home exercise program.   Your therapist may utilize various instruments or modalities, such as electrical stimulation, ice, heat or taping, to create long lasting results that will ultimately help you regain the mobility and function you have been hoping for.

Read more about how physical therapy can help by visiting our blog

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