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Core Strengthening Series

Welcome to our Core Strength Series! This intro series include the first 3 classes of our 5 class core strengthening series. Each class will be progressively more difficult starting with a beginner introduction in Class 1 and progressing to more advanced core strengthening in Class 5.  Once you get the hang of Class 1, it is time to try out Class 2.

None of the exercises in this program should be painful.  If they are painful, discontinue and speak with your provider for a modification. 

Also be sure to talk to your provider prior to starting any exercise routine if you have a history of back pain, back or hip injury or surgery, or other conditions such as osteoporosis. 

For more advanced exercises as well as our Chair Core Class and Stretch Class, click here to learn more.

Class 1

In this class, we will learn to engage our core muscles in a variety of positions. This class is intended to provide a foundation for all of the future classes in this series. This class may be performed on the floor or in your bed.  

Class 2

Class 2 will progress the exercises learned in Class 1 to help improve the activation of our core muscles as well as our hip muscles. This class is great for beginners and the majority of the exercises may be performed in bed if needed. 

Class 3

In this intermediate class, we will further progress the exercises in Class 2 to further strengthen our core muscles. This class utilizes a box prop which can be a large box or laundry basket. 

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