Core Strength and Stability Series

Have you ever been told to “work on your core” or “improve your posture”?  Are you unsure of what that even means or how to go about doing that correctly?

We are offering a 6-week course where you will learn how to connect to your body in a way you may have never experienced before.  By utilizing a self-correcting device called an oov, we are able to teach you how to initiate your core muscles in many different ways, all aimed at improving the way your body moves not only during the class, but in your everyday life as well.  The course will also work on teaching your postural muscles how to work so that they can do a better job holding you in good alignment and balance as you go along your busy day.  As an added bonus, we will also focus on breathing techniques to reduce strain in the neck and decrease stress!

If you want to stay healthy and active and are trying to find the right exercise program that will help decrease compression on your back, improve the strength of your core and train your postural muscles, this course is the perfect starting point for you!

Availability is limited to 5 participants only! Make sure to reserve your spot today!


TIMES: 6:00-6:50 PM

LOCATION: Tandem Physical Therapy

4931 West Esplanade,  Metairie, LA 70006

Instructor: Christy Shea, DPT

Want more information on the oov but aren’t ready to sign up for the course yet?


Come in for a FREE taster session!  This 20-minute, private session is perfect for someone who has never been on the oov before and wants to feel it out for themselves. 


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Oov Pilates


4931 West Esplanade Avenue, Suite B

Metairie, LA 70006

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