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Core Strength and Stability Series

Pilates Oov

If you want to stay healthy and active and are trying to find the right exercise program that will help decrease compression on your back, improve the strength of your core and train your postural muscles, this course is the starting point for you! 

Discover all about posture and what you can do today to improve yours! 


Posture and Health Workshop

Shoulder Pain Workshop

Woman with shoulder pain is holding her

Learn about common causes of shoulder pain, what can be done to help as well as how to help prevent further injury.

Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Blond mature lady sitting on bed and tou

Learn more about what could be causing your back pain and what can be done to help and prevent further injury, without pain medications or "just dealing with it"

Knee Pain Workshop

Young man with knee pain_

Find out what's causing your knee pain and what you can do to improve it without injections, painkillers or surgery.

Joint Replacement Workshop

knee replacement[16749].jpg

Find out what to expect after a joint replacement as well as what you can be doing today to maximize your results!

Beginner's Tennis Clinic

Tennis Ball

Improve your game as well as learn about how to prevent common tennis injuries

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