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Educational Guides

Want the tools to manage your problem independently but don’t know where to look for trustworthy information?


We understand.  

There is a limited amount of reliable information on the Internet and finding it can be tricky to say the least.  These informational guides are a great place to start!  The content is all original and based on the professional expertise of our physical therapists, with recommendations and exercises that have been proven to work on real patients.  Don't make the mistake of waiting until your problem goes from bad to worse before you finally seek help.  Waiting for a problem to “fix itself” too often results in lost time and becomes increasingly difficult to treat, meaning more time and money.

These guides include material tailored to specific conditions and diagnoses we commonly treat.  If you are struggling with any of these conditions and want to learn more about what you can do to help, simply click one of the booklets below.  All of the material has been constructed by our doctors of physical therapy and is relevant to specific conditions like yours.     

Click the desired booklet below to learn more!

Don't see your problem listed?  Click here to contact us and leave a brief message about

the topic(s) you are interested in learning about.

Keep in mind that these guides are meant to inform you on your condition so you can jump start your recovery.  We hope you find this information relevant and useful. However, if you do not find this sufficient in eliminating your pain or dysfunction, a full evaluation is recommended to assess your specific condition

and tailor a program to better meet your needs.  

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