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Tired Of Living With Stiff, Painful, Chronic Knee Pain?

5 ways to stp knee pain - free report

Learn 5 Easy Ways To Stop Knee Pain WITHOUT Injections, Painkillers, Bracing, Or Quitting Your Current Activities.

Exactly What You'll Find In This Guide 

Specific stretches and exercises recommended by our knee pain specialists

Why you are still suffering with knee pain that has not gotten any better

The best way to get rid of your knee pain quickly (and keep it that way)

Best strategies for managing your current discomfort to help you stay active and avoid a potentially unnecessary surgery

What to look for in footwear that will provide the most support to your knees

What weaknesses in your body that are likely contributing to your daily knee pain


Our knee pain specialists have designed this guide specifically for people just like you who understand the importance of staying active and are FRUSTRATED with daily knee pain slowing them down. Whether it is continuing to be able to walk around your neighborhood or keep up with your family and friends while traveling, these tips were meant for you!

Physical therapist's message for knee pain relief

A Personal Message from Lauren Manna, DPT, COMT:

THIS GUIDE is for the person suffering with a NAGGING knee problem.  I say “nagging” because it’s probably been bothering you for a while now, but no amount of rest, Tylenol or cream has given you any LASTING relief.  Inside I’ve given you my 5 most useful tips for easing knee pain without relying on medications to make it through your day.

This guide isn’t for everyone.  In fact, the information will specifically benefit those in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  That’s because I specialize in working with people in this group and I know all about the daily frustrations you deal with.  I also know how scary it is to think or be told that you need a knee surgery.  I want that stress to be lifted off your shoulders and replaced with peace of mind that tomorrow WILL be better when you read this guide for knee pain sufferers.

There are few things worse than feeling a loss of your physical abilities, while still trying to keep pace so other people don’t notice.  If you’re like most of the other people I’ve helped, you enjoy being active and want to keep it that way.  If your knee problems are threatening your mobility and you’re ready to put an end to it then it’s time to get your hands on this guide!

My hope by sharing such valuable information with you at no cost is that it will set you on the right track to get this problem taken care of for good!  Now, I can’t promise that these 5 tips will give you the same kind of relief it’s given 100’s of my patients over the years, but I can promise that it’s better than spending one more day emptying another medicine bottle and worrying it will never get any better.

Just think…what will your life look like 5 years from now if you don’t get this handled?  Will you be using a cane or a walker to get around?  Will you need a joint replacement this early in your life?  Will you rely on other people to do things for you?  Will you be able to keep your active lifestyle?  See where I’m going with this...

Don’t delay another minute.  It’s time to get your hands on this free knee guide and get started on the right track!


Do that by calling our Metairie office at (504) 407-3477 or click on the big green button to confirm your details.       

Searching For More Knee Pain Solutions?

Searching For More Knee Pain Solutions?

Request our free webinar for knee pain sufferers who want even more information on how to avoid knee surgery and daily medication use while continuing to stay active and mobile. This pre-recorded webinar is available to you immediately at no cost and will finally shed light on all your important questions about how to achieve lasting knee pain relief.

What You Can Expect This Webinar To Reveal:

Why you are still having knee pain after all this time

What your options are for solving the knee pain and how to choose the best path

What you should do BEFORE talking to a surgeon

Areas of weakness in your body that are stopping you from making progress

Which exercises you should be doing, and which ones to AVOID

How daily knee pain is speeding up wear and tear in other parts of your body

What you should do next if you are serious about getting rid of your knee pain

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What Are Other People Saying About Tandem PT?

Recently injured my knee and went to see if PT would help with the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. Immediately felt I was in great hands after my initial consult. Dr Lauren Manna was extremely knowledgeable and very gentle in her approach. She and Dr Christy Shea make you feel relaxed and comfortable at each visit. Dr Manna mapped out a treatment plan, discussed exactly what I should expect during my therapy and how long to anticipate full recovery. My "homework" was easy to accomplish with the help of all the careful instruction and printed handouts I was given.  I highly recommend these very excellent practitioners. - J.S.

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