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Patient Experience

In our current healthcare climate,  time spent with your providers is decreasing as your costs are rising.  This can cause delayed care, improper management, and leave you with a sense of feeling “lost in the shuffle”.  To top it off, when you leave an office visit it’s often with more questions than answers.  


We think there is a better way. 


We believe in creating  a personalized and high quality healthcare experience.  This includes helpful and friendly staff, excellent patient outcomes, effective communication with other members of your healthcare team, convenient financial options and much more.  We want you to feel a sense of comfort, importance, convenience and superb value throughout all interactions with our company.


We have built in 45 minute appointment times for each treatment and 1 hour initial evaluations.  This is very different than most other physical therapy offices offering 15 minute or 30 minute appointments, often booked with other patients at the same time.  


We value your time and that is why you will never have to share it with another patient.  You will never be double booked, so your time with your physical therapist will always be undivided.  


If you are tired of being let down and feeling like “just a number", come and see for yourself what it feels like to get amazing results while working with our professional and compassionate team.   

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