Experience the Many Benefits Reformer Pilates Has to Offer

Do you feel stuck or hopeless because you want to exercise but certain movements are uncomfortable and/or painful?

Are you in need of a way to be active and healthy in an environment that's safe for you? 

Intimidated by group classes and prefer 1-1 attention with your instructor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Pilates at Tandem is right for you! 



Your instructor is also a Physical Therapist who is familiar with your condition and limitations and can modify any movements you may have difficulty with to provide a safe and effective practice that works for YOU!

The Reformer

This piece of equipment adds resistance to exercises with the utilization of springs. The reformer is quite the versatile piece allowing us to work on leg and arm strength, core strength, flexibility training, balance and mobility exercises and more!

For those of you that are new to Pilates, it is a form of low impact exercise that focuses on the alignment of the body while building strength and flexibility.  We incorporate both arm and leg movements along with core and postural stability to improve how our body moves not only while we are practicing, but throughout our daily lives and activities as well.  

The great thing about Pilates is that it can be tailored for your individual needs.  Whether you are new to exercise looking for a place to start or you're an avid fitness junkie ready for a challenge, our private sessions are a great way to keep your body strong and healthy! 

As a Physical Therapist, I specialize in treating people ages 40-60, who are active and want to STAY active and healthy for many years to come. My Pilates training has been under the Polestar Pilates certification, a very rigorous process that is specially designed for rehab professionals such as physical therapists. This training has helped me become a better clinician and will allow me to continue to offer exceptional wellness options for my patients and community. 


I am excited to not only be incorporating these techniques into my treatments with my patients, but also to be offering private Pilates sessions as well for those wanting to continue to work on their strength, flexibility and overall health!

A Personal Message from Christy Shea, DPT:


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