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Traveling Tips for your Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are a great way to see new places, spend time with your family and friends and get out of the day to day grind. Don't let pain get in the way of enjoying your trip! These are a few helpful tips to help prevent pain while traveling so that you arrive to your destination ready to enjoy it.

Take breaks while traveling

If you are taking a long drive or flight, make sure to stand and move every hour or two. This will help decrease stiffness in your spine and legs as well as improve circulation.

Support your back

Sitting for long periods of time in a flexed position can be irritating for your spine. Protect it by using a lumbar roll or a small pillow between your seat and the small of your back. If you don't have one, use a rolled up jacket or blanket.

Use the right luggage

Choose luggage with wheels to prevent having to carry your belongings. If you are flying, check your bag to avoid overhead lifting.

Dress to move

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will allow you to walk when you have the opportunity. Spend some of your layover taking a walk through the terminal instead of sitting.

Bring a neck pillow

If you plan on sleeping while traveling, a neck pillow will help keep your head supported.

Listen to your body

If you are feeling vague aches or pain after sitting for a while, this could be your body telling you that you need to move.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

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