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The Amazing Experience at Tandem PT

Tandem Physical Therapy

We understand that you have a lot of options when deciding how to take care of your pain or limitation. We want to ensure that you not only achieve your goals, but that we exceed your expectations of what physical therapy should be. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Tandem Physical Therapy for your physical therapy needs.

Extended one-on-one time with your therapist

We offer 45 minute treatment sessions that are one-on-one with your therapist. This undivided time ensures that you get to your goals as fast as possible.

Personalized care

Every person, patient and client are different, with different limitations and different goals. We work with you on your specific problem and come up with individualized solutions to reach your goals.

Teach you how to manage your condition

A huge aspect of treatment at Tandem Physical Therapy includes education on your condition. We want you to know why you are experiencing this pain or functional limitation and how to get rid of it. We want you to feel better fast but also know how to continue to improve and make sure this condition does not return.

Hands on treatment with increased continuing education

At Tandem Physical Therapy, we have dedicated ourselves to continuing to learn and improve our skill sets. This includes extensive manual therapy and hands on training, specifically with orthopedic conditions. Lauren is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and has also completed continuing education on the management of concussions and vestibular disorders. I have also completed many orthopedic manual courses as well as continuing education courses on the management of women's health conditions, and we are both certified in Dry Needling.

Flexible payment options

Physical therapy has been shown to be a cheaper alternative to other medical treatment options. However, we understand that the medical world is changing and more and more people are having to pay out of pocket fort these expenses. We want to make sure that the financial responsibility does not get in your way of getting the treatment you need WHEN you need it. Our financial options include multiple insurance plans, self-pay packages and flexible payment plans.

Locally owned and operated

Tandem Physical Therapy is locally owned and operated by Dr. Lauren Manna and myself, where WE are the treating therapists. You will see the same PT every time you come in for the duration of your treatment at Tandem - either Lauren or myself.

If this sounds like somewhere you'd like to be, come on in or give us a call to check out the Tandem Physical Therapy experience for yourself!

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