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6 Things They're Not Telling You About Back Pain

1. It's Likely To Get Worse.

When was the last time you left something thinking it would be OK, but instead actually got worse? In fact, I have a close friend wishing she wouldn't have waited so long to settle a recent traffic ticket. Failure to address it in a timely manner led to more penalties, more time and more money. Well, our backs are no different! We have a problem we know needs our attention but for one reason or another we just don't handle thing we know, it's far more complicated and MUCH more trouble! You may have been told by someone that your back problem will clear up on its own and after a week or so, the pain likely did (keyword here is pain, NOT problem). You may have even thought you were in the clear until it came back WORSE a couple months later, bringing us to our next point.

2. When Not Cared For Properly, Back Pain Will ALWAYS Come and Go.

The truth of the matter is that most back pain calms down a week or so after you first injure it. It's what you do NEXT that makes the difference in how long will be a part of your life. See, that first episode of back pain sets off a chain reaction of events that you aren't even aware of. Pain leads to stiffness, stiffness leads to immobility and immobility leads to weakness. All the while, your body is compensating in ways you aren't even aware of, so you don't realize that you're walking around with a chink in your armor. That's why the next time you try to lift or move something heavy, your back "goes out" again.

3. It's Not Normal To Wake Up Feeling Stiff.

Who else is tired of feeling old and stiff in the morning? I bet you'd like to start your day with more energy. Well guess what...YOU SHOULD! There's no reason for you to wake up with a back that takes the better part of the morning just to get loosened up. For some, this isn't a big deal, but it should be because it's often a tell-tale sign that you're in for something far WORSE down the road.

4. Too Much Rest Can Set You Back.

How many times has someone told you to "rest it" and how well has that worked for you? Maybe you tried resting at first just to find that the pain came back a couple months later. Well, there IS such a thing as too much rest. It can lead to stiffness and weakness deep in your spine and can be problematic the next time you want to be active. Now you find yourself more susceptible to reinjury and can expect the cycle to continue.

5. Losing Weight Isn't The Miracle Fix.

...Although it helps. It's easy to blame all your troubles on being overweight, but let's face it, there's plenty of folks walking around with back problems who AREN'T overweight. For most people, back problems aren't so one-dimensional. Even if you shed a few pounds, you probably still have issues like stiffness, weakness or poor flexibility that won't fix themselves. Not to mention, how hard is it to exercise and lose weight when you have a bad back?

6. Physical Therapy Can Keep You Mobile And Help Prevent Flare-Ups.

Physical therapists have a special set of skills that can help you stay active and mobile for many years to come. Not only can we identify WHY you're still having back problems, we will work with you every step of the way to fix it AND keep it from coming back.

For more information about how to eliminate your back pain and stiffness, request our free report titled, "3 Tips To Ease Back Pain And Stiffness While Preventing Flare-Ups And Reinjury".

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