My #1 Tip for Reducing Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain typically starts as an annoyance, with pain occurring every once and a while with certain movements. Many times, it starts with pain at the top of the shoulder or in the upper part of the arm when you do things like lift something out of the top shelf of your pantry, reach behind your back to tuck your shirt in, or grab your bag out of the back seat. What starts as a mild annoyance with certain movements can eventually turn into a nagging pain and a much bigger problem. You might start to experience pain while sitting at your desk, a decrease in your range of motion and movement, or even difficulty getting a good night's sleep.

The best tip I share with my patients when addressing their shoulder pain is to improve their posture. This has a lot to do with the anatomy of the shoulder and how the whole shoulder complex works. For example, when we move our arm, the ball and socket joint moves along with your collar bone, shoulder blade, ribs and upper back. When you sit in a slumped posture and reach with your arm, it limits how much your upper back and shoulder blade are able to move. This can lead to increased stress on your shoulder and rotator cuff causing injury and degeneration over time. By being mindful of your posture and sitting up tall, you can help put your shoulder in a better position to move and perform tasks.

This is my favorite tip because people can put that into place immediately to help reduce shoulder pain and risk for injury. If you are experiencing shoulder pain and want to learn more on how to reduce AND avoid it, request our free report "5 Natural Ways to Eliminate Shoulder Pain" here.

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