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6 Tips to Improve Your Health in the New Year

We hope you had a great 2019 and are looking forward to 2020! As we plan for the new year, it’s important to ensure that we are making the changes needed to keep us active and healthy so that we can enjoy the year ahead. Here are our favorite tips for improving your health in the new year!

1. Drink more water. Hydration is very important in maintaining overall health. Start by switching one sugary drink a day (like soda or sweet tea) for a glass of water.

2. Improve your activity level. Exercise has been consistently proven to improve overall health, aid in weight management, improve cardiovascular health as well as have positive effects on mental health and mood. If a physical limitation is preventing you from reaching your fitness goals, call us today for help finding a solution.

3. Make your annual check-ups. Start the year off by making a list of providers that you should be seeing on a regular basis. Every list should include a trip to your primary care doctor and dentist. However, did you know that it’s a good idea to get a checkup by your physical therapist as well? An annual wellness visit can help you identify changes (such as weaknesses or decreased mobility) BEFORE they become a bigger problem.

4. Eat a balanced diet. The holidays can be hard on our diets and waistline. Between holiday cookies and cocktail parties, it is easy to get off track. As the new year rings in, make sure you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. As always, talk to your doctor about what type of diet works best for your specific needs.

5. Meditation. Life can get very busy this time of year as we hurry from one task to the next, trying desperately to get everything done on our to-do lists. However, mediation is a great daily practice to help center us and manage stress. Try to find 3-5 minutes a day in a quiet space to quiet your mind and work on your breathing. You’ll be impressed how such a small act of mindfulness can positively impact your day.

6. Don’t try to make too many changes at once. As we start the new year, we tend to get super excited about all the great changes we’re going to make. However, as our motivation fades, we tend to revert to our old habits. Try adding one good habit at a time to make goals more manageable and avoid becoming overwhelmed by all of the changes. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” …small changes can add up to make a big difference.

From everyone here at Tandem PT, we wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

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