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A Letter To Our Loyal Followers

Last year at our 5th anniversary Taco Party we shared some exciting news with you guys. We announced that after 5 years we were finally expanding and upgrading our space and service offerings. It had always been our vision to blend PT and Pilates and create a wellness space where you could not only come to heal, but to stay that way.

You were so patient with us as we grew. So much so, that I would like to start this newsletter by dedicating a small paragraph titled: “THANK YOU FOR…”.

SO, thank you for leaving voicemails when we didn’t have a receptionist to answer your call and then telling us our voicemail box was full, walking around the water bucket to get to your table every time it rained, being brave enough to park in a Star Wok spot even with the threat of being towed, ignoring the strange smells from our ceiling, staying calm when we ran out of mints, holding your bladder when our toilet didn’t work, listening to Mary talk about Black Holes, and to this day sweating with us in the Summer when our A/C can’t keep up.

It has never been perfect and it never will be, but we can promise you this - we will

always go to bat for you, listen when you need to be heard, give you our best and

honest advice, help you mend what seems broken, and always share a good laugh.

Since we moved, people are always asking how we like our new space. My typical response is something like “Are you kidding me?! This is amazing!” In my very humble opinion, the esthetic is beautiful and everything fits like a glove, but what I really mean is that I’m so proud and happy!

When I look around and see people smiling, hear people laughing, and notice someone making themselves comfortable on the couch 20 minutes before their appointment, my heart is full. 

Of course, we need to give credit where credit is due and that largely lies with our amazing team! As it stands, we are currently a team of 10 and we span from coast to coast with a couple awesome remote team members. We now offer services like group and private Pilates, therapeutic massage, physical therapy (of course), small group balance and stretch classes, online programs, and tune-ups to keep you healthy and active! 

None of this would be possible without these incredible people working behind and on the scene. They love their jobs so much and truly care about each of you!

So, come raise a glass with us on Wednesday, June 12 from 4-7 PM as we celebrate 6 years! We’ll be partying to the theme “Only In New Orleans” so expect beads, delicious food, great music, and of course all your favorite TPT krewe members...we’ll see you there!

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