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Want to Know More About Pilates? Here are our Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Pilates can be a great complement to your healthy lifestyle by improving your core strength, arm and leg strength, posture, balance and mobility. It combines movement, breath, length and strength while creating long term gains for your muscles and joints. For those new to Pilates, or for those looking to learn more, I have made a list of questions to my most frequently asked questions.

I hope it helps!


Is it going to be easy or hard?

The answer is “it depends”. Before starting a Pilates program, it is important to understand where you are in your fitness journey as well as what you are looking to achieve. Before working with all of my clients, I need to establish what can they do already, and what are they hoping to be able to do in the future. Based on this, we can establish a clear path tailored specifically to each person. For example, my program for an elite athlete that wants to improve their agility, strength and power is going to be exceptionally challenging. However, I am able to change up the program for a client who is in her late 60s who wants to work on her postural strength to combat things like osteoporosis, and anyone in between. The great benefit of Pilates is that it can be made much harder or easier depending on who you are and your goals.

Does it require equipment?

It can but it doesn’t have to. There are mat exercises that can be performed without any equipment. However, you may often see pieces of equipment used such as reformers, tower or spring boards, barrels, chairs or other props like oovs. For my clients, I typically utilize a reformer and tower like the one pictured above, but I will also show clients some exercises that they can do at home without any equipment.

I have a history of back pain, can I do it?

I utilize Pilates based work for a lot of my patients and clients with back pain. It can help to improve your core strength and can be modified for your specific condition. In fact, it can be a great exercise to help support your back to reduce future back pain episodes.

How do I know if I am doing it correctly?

If you want to be sure that you are doing the exercises correctly, especially if you have a history of pain or injury, you want to have a private session. Private sessions allow for undivided attention from the instructor and allows them to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly, provide modifications and cues to make sure that you are getting the most of the exercise.

Want more information?

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