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Shoulder Pain Workshop

This FREE workshop is offered by the movement experts at Tandem Physical Therapy.  If you can relate to any of these statements, this workshop is meant for you.

  • You have been having shoulder pain bothering you for weeks now no matter how much time you you give it

  • Despite rest, it doesn't seem to be getting much better...and maybe even getting worse

  • Your shoulder pain is starting to interrupt your night's sleep

  • Movements such as reaching overhead and behind your back are tight and painful

  • You are starting to worry that this shoulder pain is going to end up with pain medication, shorts or even worse, surgery

If this sounds like you, make sure to reserve your spot today!

PLUS, all attendees will be qualified for a 30 minute, one on one discovery session with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to discuss their SPECIFIC problem and learn SOLUTIONS that are best for them. 

Seating is limited to 15.  Reserve your spot today!

Woman with shoulder pain is holding her
Free back pain workshop

DATE: Wednesday, July 17th 

TIME: 5:30-6:30 PM

LOCATION: Tandem Physical Therapy

4931 West Esplanade,  Metairie, LA 70006

Presenters: Christy Shea, DPT

and Lauren Manna, DPT, COMT


Don't miss the next one!

Unable to make the workshop?

Click the link below for tips to decrease pain and reduce your risk for injury.

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