Looking For Help With Shoulder Pain?

Are you having pain with reaching?

Is your shoulder pain disrupting your sleep?

Are you worried that it hasn't gotten better?

Don't want to go through painful surgery or rely on medication to make it through your day? 


If so, this guide is for you! 

This free guide will specifically benefit people who:

  • Have pain when reaching back or overhead

  • Struggle to lift items that used to be no problem

  • Can’t lay on the side of the painful shoulder, especially at night

  • Can’t imagine going through a risky shoulder surgery

  • Value their shoulder mobility too much to risk losing it

  • Don’t know what’s gone wrong to cause the pain


Most importantly, this guide is for someone who is READY to take control of their condition and get back to living their life WITHOUT limitations.

A Personal Message from Lauren Manna, DPT, COMT:

THIS GUIDE is for the person who is worried about a new or persistent pain in their shoulder.  Specifically, a pain that gets worse when you try to reach back, up overhead, or when you roll onto that shoulder overnight.  All these problems are addressed in this special guide with DO’s and DON’Ts to help speed along your healing and avoid costly mistakes.

I’ve been in your shoes.  I know what it’s like to fight with shoulder pain, go through bottles of Tylenol and take painful shots that only yield temporary relief.  It’s exhausting and kept me up every night worrying that I would need surgery.  Fortunately, I found relief through conservative treatment and have not needed another shot or pill since.   

Fast forward several years - I’ve now been helping folks out of shoulder pain, so they can do things like dress themselves more comfortably, reach without any problems, stay focused at work, get a restful night of sleep, throw, exercise and carry on about their normal lives.

Throughout my experience, I’ve identified specific causes that lead to shoulder problems and have treated them successfully.  The framework is included in this special guide and I want YOU to have it for FREE!  

My hope by sharing such valuable information with you at no cost is that it will set you on the right track to get this problem taken care of for good!  Now, I can’t promise that these 5 tips will give you the same kind of relief it’s given myself and my patients over the years, but I can promise that it’s better than spending one more day emptying another medicine bottle and worrying it will never get any better.

If shoulder pain is keeping you up at night, distracting you at work, making simple movements painful or threatening your independence, you need to read this guide.

What will your life look like 5 years from now if you don’t get this handled?  Will you still have use of your arm?  Will you rely on other people to do things for you?  Will you be able to keep your job and your lifestyle?  See where I’m going with this...

Don’t delay another minute.  It’s time to get your hands on this free shoulder guide and get started on the right track! 


Do that by calling our Metairie office at (504) 407-3477 or click on the big green button to confirm your details.       

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Shoulder Pain Workshop


Learn more about common causes of shoulder pain and what can be done to help and prevent further injury, without pain medications or "just dealing with it".

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What are other people saying about Tandem PT?

I came to Tandem Physical Therapy because of several tears in my shoulder and my desire not to have surgery. I was in constant pain and had limited range of motion. My hope was that PT would just help diminish my pain. To my pleasant surprise, after 6 weeks, I am pain free and have full range of motion. Dr. Shea slowly built up my strength and endurance and encouraged me when I had a setback or two. I still have to be cautious because the tears are still there, but I can now go through daily life pain free and with full range of motion. Can't say enough about how kind, patient, and encouraging both Dr. Shea and Dr. Manna were. Once you're discharged, its very reassuring to know you can always call them if needed!!


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