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Virtual Visits and Telehealth

Are you looking for help staying active and mobile?

Want to still get results without having to leave your home? 

Great News!

We can offer telehealth or virtual visits to assess your condition, track your progress, and provide you with solutions that you can start right away!

All from the comfort of your own home! 

What are other people saying about Tandem's Virtual Visits?

“Christy gave [me] all the instructions prior to the first session – very clear and understandable. I was able to hear, see and ask questions with her, just as if I were in her studio. She was able to demonstrate the exercises for homework, plus review previous ones…

This virtual visit is a good option for patients to continue their therapy with no interruption in their treatment and scheduling, especially people who may have to drive long distances. It definitely was a plus for me!”

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