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Joint Replacement Workshop

Have a knee or hip replacement coming up and don't know what to expect?

Not there yet but you've been told or are worried you may need one in the future?

Want to do everything possible on your end to ensure your surgery is a success?

Want to get back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible without any hick-ups?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop was meant for you.  This is a FREE workshop offered by the movement experts at Tandem Physical Therapy.  Our purpose is to prepare you, support you and offer you peace of mind during this process.

PLUS, all attendees will be qualified for a 30 minute, one on one discovery session with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to discuss their SPECIFIC situation and learn SOLUTIONS that are best for them.  

Seating is limited to 15.  Reserve your spot today!

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DATE:  Saturday, February 16th 

TIME:  10:00 - 11:00 AM

LOCATION:  Tandem Physical Therapy

4931 West Esplanade,  Metairie, LA 70006

Presenters:  Christy Shea, DPT

and Lauren Manna, DPT, COMT

This workshop is specifically meant for people who:

  • Have a joint replacement scheduled or who have been told that they may need one in the future

  • Want more information on what to expect after surgery including what the rehab will entail

  • Are having hip or knee pain and want to prevent having a joint replacement in the future

  • Active individuals who want to get back to their active lifestyles after surgery

  • Want to make sure their surgery is as successful as possible

Unable to make the workshop?

Click the link below to learn 3 tips you can start today to maximize the success of your surgery.

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