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Tired of Dealing with Sciatica?

7 easy ways to get relief from sciatica

Are you frustrated with back or leg pain due to sciatica?


Is back or leg pain preventing you from standing for too long?


Tired of waiting for it to get better on its own but don’t know what to do next?


Ready for an effective solution that doesn't involve more medications or injections?


If so, this guide is for you! 

This free guide will specifically benefit people who:

  • Experience a burning, shooting or aching pain in their hip or leg

  • Have trouble standing or sitting for a stretch of time

  • Can’t get comfortable sleeping at night

  • Have no idea what went wrong to cause the pain they’re in

  • Don’t want to do something that could make the problem worse

  • Want to  avoid the risk of back surgery

7 easy ways to get relief from sciatica

Most importantly, this guide is for someone who is ready to take control of their condition and get back to living their life without any limitations.

Physical therapist message for tips for sciatica pain

A Personal Message from Lauren Manna, DPT, COMT:

THIS GUIDE is for the person who is concerned about a persistent pain in the back of their hip or down their leg.  Specifically, a pain that has been bothering you now for at least a week and isn’t improving the way you had hoped it would.  These principles are exactly what you need to be doing NOW to start making the progress you want.

At the moment you may be desperate, fearful or even a little anxious about asking for help and that's completely normal.  We've written this guide because we know how difficult it is for people to walk this path alone and how very few people find success when they choose to do so.  Getting true sciatica relief starts with putting yourself on the right track and the tips inside this guide will do exactly that.  That's my hope for sharing such valuable information with you for free - to provide some guidance, peace of mind and help set you up for success! Now, I can't promise that these 7 tips will give you the same kind of relief it's given my patients over the years, but I can promise that it's better than spending one more day emptying another medicine bottle and worrying it will never get any better.

If sciatic pain is keeping you up at night, distracting you at work, making simple movements painful or threatening your independence, you need to read this guide.  What will your life look like 5 years from now if you don't get this handled?  Will you still be able to walk and stand at your leisure?  Will you need a cane or a wheelchair to get around?  Will you end up needing a back surgery?  See where I'm going with this...

Don't delay another minute.  It's time to get your hands on this free sciatica guide and get started today!

For your free copy, call our office at (504) 407-3477 or click the big green button to confirm your details. 

What are other people saying about Tandem PT?

"After years of consultations and therapies for a chronic pain on the outer side of my leg, it was a blessing to find Tandem and Doctors Lauren and Christy. I have undergone 18 treatments and I feel great improvement in my condition. They are very professional and I feel that they really care about my case."


"After about 6 weeks of therapy, I feel like a new person. Walking is so much easier! Dr. Lauren Manna mapped out a plan and I have seen a huge improvement. As Lauren explained, and something I didn't know, unless your insurance requires it, you do not need a doctor's referral to use PT. Try it. It will more than likely change your life!"


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