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Daily Habits to Reduce Stiffness

Back Pain and Stiffness

Stiffness is one of the most common complaints that I hear.

Typically, people will say things like “It takes a while to get going in the morning” or “I just feel so stiff after sitting for a while."

Because it is one of the most commonly discussed problems, I thought I would share my 4 best tips for reducing it.

#1. Avoid prolonged sitting – Our bodies crave movement. It helps to lubricate our joints and improve circulation. In fact, prolonged sitting can have serious effects on our overall health and well being. Make sure you are getting up once every 30 minutes or so to stand up and move around.

#2 Gentle Stretching – Performing daily gentle stretching or mobility exercises are a great way to reduce stiffness.

#3 Drink Water – Did you know that water helps lubricate your joints? Try starting with trading one of your coffees, teas or soda today with a glass of water.

#4 Go for a walk – Performing daily walks can be really helpful in reducing overall stiffness. Haven’t gone for a walk in a while, start with a short 5-minute walk and gradually increase from there.

If you are experiencing back or knee stiffness, more information can be found in one of our free guides.

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