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"What To Do About Your Pain Under Coronavirus Restrictions...Introducing Telehealth"

We want everyone to know that at Tandem Physical Therapy, we care deeply about the health and well-being of all our patients and our community. In response to the current health situation surrounding COVID-19, we are taking steps daily to act in accordance with health regulations. To ensure that the wonderful progress each of our patients are achieving in their therapy sessions is uninterrupted, we are pleased to announce that we will now be available through telehealth services. Not only are we able to offer this service to our existing patients, we are also able to take on new patients as well.

Right now, you may be asking yourself, “what is telehealth?” Telehealth has been around for a while, but the demand for such a service has recently sky-rocketed (for obvious reasons). We think the best way to explain it is to tell you who it’s for…

Our telehealth services are best suited for people who:

(A) Want to continue their current treatment progress, but also want to do their part in maintaining social distancing

(B) Want to know what can be done on their own to start getting some relief

(C) Don’t want to postpone or delay their care just because they can’t leave home

(D) Need to address a health problem, but have a busy schedule or live far away and value the convenience of telehealth appointments

Telehealth appointments can be made easily through your smartphone or webcam-equipped computer. How it works is simple – first, your physical therapist will send you a link to your appointment. Simply click the link at your appointment time and connect face-to-face with your therapist instantly.

From there you will get personalized coaching, advising and instruction to keep yourself accountable and on track. Every client will get a program tailored to their specific needs that can be carried out in the convenience and safety of their own home.

Here’s what one of our telehealth clients had to say about her experience:

“Christy gave [me] all the instructions prior to the first session – very clear and understandable. I was able to hear, see and ask questions with her, just as if I were in her studio. She was able to demonstrate the exercises for homework, plus review previous ones…

This virtual visit is a good option for patients to continue their therapy with no interruption in their treatment and scheduling, especially people who may have to drive long distances. It definitely was a plus for me!”

- Rose H.

For more information on cost and availability of our telehealth services, please contact us at (504) 407-3477 or send an email to

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